Life is motion and the motion is dance

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A little about me...

Dance for me, is another world of existence, in which the mood, thoughts and sensations are transmitted with the help of expressive movement.

As a child, I was very creative, with a good physique for Ballet and good flexibility, which are necessary for a professional dancer. Therefore, from the age of 3, my parents took me to a dance studio to practice Ballet. Entering later in to a professional dance school in Moscow, I began to seriously engage in classical dance. In addition to Ballet, we were taught other dance disciplines - such as folk dance, historical and duet dance, acting skills and modern dance.

In the School of Classical Dance I was engaged under the direction of Gennady Ledyakh - honored Artist of Russia, the premiere of the Bolshoi Theatre and the student Asaf Messerer.

I worked in different dance companies including "Ballet Revival" and "Russian Seasons", and often performed with stars of show business. Most memorable was the participation in a grand concert at the celebration of the ‘Day of Moscow’, which took place in the main square of the capital.

At the age of seventeen I began to teach classical dance with children. At this point I realised that I really love children and working with them, so much that I wanted to become a teacher.

Goals and objectives

At my Russian Ballet school I want to preserve and continue the traditions and cultural values ​​of the Russian Ballet. As a musical accompaniment in my lessons, I use classical music

Work in the school is conducted according to A. Vaganova. This technique, based on the principle of "from simple to complex," and was recognized in the world of Ballet. It is used in leading theatres of the world such as the Mariinsky Theater, the Bolshoi Theater, La Scala and Covent Garden.


Professional Ballet Dancer with over 15 years experience in performing, choreography and teaching.



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Preschool Ballet

Or Baby Ballet class for children 1-3years old


Ballet class for children 4-6 years old

Classical dance is a great way to develop posture at the earliest stage of a child’s development through imagination and play. 

The class for 4-6 years old on Sundays 


Ballet class for the older children 7-11 years old

Your child can begin to learn Ballet at any age. In this group I focus on the Parterre Gymnastics routines, which increases muscle tone and strength in order to hold a beautiful posture and correct positioning.


Fitness Class for Adults

Body Ballet 4.45-5.30 pm



led by professional choreographer and Ballet Dancer Maria Dunham

Russian Ballet School is a member of Association of Russian Ballet end Theatre Arts. Providing students the training to achieve recognised ballet grading.

Why classical dance?

Classical dance is a great way to develop posture at the earliest stage of child development. Classical dance lessons teach discipline, concentration, the ability to work in a group with other children, develop acting talent, a sense of rhythm and a musical ear.

Coming to my classes your children will receive professional choreographic training, which will allow them to choose any dance style in the future, in which they want to work further.

In my classes, I pay great attention to the correct position of the body, hands, feet and head, Feeling of posture and musicality.

And I also work with children in parterre gymnastics (a ballet complex of exercises on the floor for a detailed study of the muscles of the legs, the press and back.), Which promotes the development of flexibility, stretching, the correct formation of muscles. Parterre or Knyazev gymnastics, has already become an integral part of the training for all involved in ballet.

Aims and objectives At the school of classical dance, I want to continue the preservation and maintenance of the traditions and cultural values ​​of the Russian ballet.



Coventry city centre

Preschool Baby Ballet for 1-3 years old at 2.30-3.00 pm​

Children  for 4-6 years old at 3.05-3.50pm

Children for 7-11 years old at 3.55-4.40 pm

Fitness class Body Ballet for Adults at 4.45-5.30pm



Coventry CV1 2DT, UK Whitefriars Ln, Boys and Girls club community centre



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I’m recommend Maria it’s such a professional ballet teacher , my daughter enjoy every lesson. Thank you


Maria is amazing with kids , she provides joyful training and makes girls train hard during play... glad Fatima has joined her class


Went to my 1st adult body ballet class last week & loved it! Maria is a great teacher with lots of patience & made the class accessible but also challenging! Looking forward to the next one! If you’re looking for an all over body workout with a difference this is for you!

Sue O'Malley